Established since 2011, Commute Solutions has grown to become the LARGEST Premium Bus Service Operator in Singapore operating 14 bus routes with more than 20 trips daily. Our mission is to provide fast, comfortable and sustainable bus service solutions for working professionals to arrive at their office on time and stress-free.

We believe that everyone likes to wake up happy and commute to work hassle free! However, taking public transport or driving in peak hour traffic can be a stressful experience. Our mission is to provide a whole new level of commute experience for you and your loved ones so that commuting is no longer a chore. By providing direct bus service to your workplace, going to work is going to be a breeze. You can have more time and energy to spend on things that truly matters!

So join our growing community today and feedback your journey preferences and patterns to us! With your inputs, we can then identify the most viable and sustainable bus routes to create the shortest and most direct bus journey for you and your neighbours who are going to work in the same area.

Let’s commute happy!